IT Hardware Inventory Management

We help ensure your physical computing resources are up to date to ensure maximum productivity and profit for your business.

IT Lifecycle Management

How much is your outdated tech costing you? Your NCT lifecycle specialist can help identify the technology that is bottlenecking your business, and systematize your upgrade process so you spend less while building a more profitable business.

Discover Your Strategic Process

Staying up to date with the revolving door of new technology is no simple task. The secret is not needing every new gadget that hits the market, but having the right rhythm of investing in technology when it will make the most impact.

NCT’s managed hardware and inventory services give you the knowledgeable IT partner to map out a smart, cost-effective strategy for your business so you’re able to optimize your upgrade cadence while shedding the old technology that’s holding you back. We provide attentive monitoring of the digital hardware that drives your business to find you the best opportunities to grow and scale your infrastructure.

Profitable Inventory Management

A smart strategy in inventory management will save your organization more than you think!

Efficiency Auditing

Survey your existing framework and identify the most impactful areas for improvement.

Better Budgeting

Get the most out of every dollar buying and reselling with our lifecycle management tool.

Risk Mitigation

Avoid productivity resulting from reliance on obsolete technology.

Enhanced Business Processes

Ensure you have the hardware onboard to execute your most important tasks efficiently.

IT Hardware Inventory Management


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