Data Center Managed Services

Guarantee the reliable performance and availability your customers demand with comprehensive IT management for the most advanced data centers.

An Experienced Data Center Partner

Your data center is hard at work around the clock. Continuous availability of services is essential to meeting the needs of your always-connected modern users.

NCT has 20 years of experience in direct service to data centers and the industries that rely on their services. We offer professional services and unmatched expertise to deliver performance solutions that help your data center evolve and scale.

Hands-On DFW Service

Our managed data centers enjoy the complete NCT experience with in-person consultation, installation, and maintenance so you can continually deliver the highest performance standards.

Our Data Center Solutions

From strategy to implementation, we help build powerful and scalable data centers.

Prioritize Performance

Implement a strategy to load balance and optimize capacity as your data center scales.

Protect Data & Uptime

Enhance your cybersecurity framework and backup critical data to prevent disastrous loss.

Organize Your Infrastructure

Get professional configuration for every installation, relocation, and upgrade of your servers and hardware.

Minimize Costs

Optimize energy usage and get incredible discounts from our trusted vendors.

Data Center Managed Services


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