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Looking for McKinney IT services?

Looking for McKinney IT services? At NCT, our expert small business technicians are ready to help you run your business smoothly.If you care about minimizing downtime, accessing your files 24/7, and having smooth team communications while ensuring security is at the forefront of your business, we're here to help.Whether you're new to IT services, want to switch to a different managed IT provider, or want to expand your internal IT team, you can count on NCT.Get in touch today to get a no-obligation, no-hassle IT assessment.

Our McKinney, TX IT Services

We offer a variety of IT services to help you run your business smoothly.

HeManaged IT Services

Managed IT Services go beyond basic support to provide companies with IT stability, security, and efficiency.

Disaster Recovery & Backup

Your company's data is critical to business operations. We provide a professional backup solution with redundancy, monitoring, support and recovery processes.

Cyber Security & Virus Protection

We let you focus on your business and let you stop worrying about security. We think about security every day so that you don't have to.

Email & Cloud Services

We help companies improve access, save money, and increase security with carefully selected cloud services for email, documents, calendars, andcontacts.

Desktop & User Support

We're just a phone call or email away. Our team can offer you a wide range of expertise, support, and options to help you run your business smoothly.

Server & Network Support

Don't let your servers, data, and networks go unmanaged for weeks or months at a time. We take care of your systems to ensure business productivity.

IT Services That Empower Businesses

If you don’t have the proper IT partner, either internal or external, your business could face multiple IT challenges. Technology is complex and always changing, yet your reliance on it is only increasing. IT can empower your business to run efficiently 24/7, including protection from possible cybercrime, but to do that, you need an expert team that delivers.

Why Managed IT Services?​

Stop Downtime

Most businesses want to avoid downtime at all costs. Our managed IT services help you run your business 24/7/365 without interruptions.

No IT Issues

Have you ever tried to access your files and communicate with your team, and nothing worked? We work tirelessly to ensure your business runs smoothly.

A Safe Business

A safe business is a business you can trust. With our Cyber Security, Backup & recovery solutions, we empower your business to be trusted by clients.

Fully Managed IT Services

With our fully managed IT, you get a dedicated team, not a faceless help desk. It’s like having a full private IT team at your disposal, anticipating and reacting to your every IT needs.

Flat Monthly Fee No Surprises.

Small Dedicated Teams.

Daily Tech Support Services.

Strategic Client Success Meetings.

Co-Managed IT Services

If you’re looking for reliable managed IT services in McKinney, we’ve got you covered. Our managed IT services are designed to supplement your team in any part of the IT service stack.

Security and Compliance.

Technology Strategy.

User support with an Effortless Experience.

Overflow and after-hours services.

On-demand IT Services

Sometimes it can be hard to know how many IT Services you need. With our on-demand flexible IT Service, you get the help you need when you need it. It’s a pillar that’s powerful enough for the enterprise in a cost-effective model that adjusts to your needs.

Access to Technology Experts.

No Commitment.

Strategic Advice.

Consistent and Reliable IT Services.

An Expert Team To Manage Your IT

Let our team Make IT work for your Business instead of Against it.

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