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Are you compromising your company’s future by not being aware of security vulnerabilities within your network?

You have to be aware of any security vulnerabilities and industry-related risks to be able to protect against them.

Discovering your weaknesses is a difficult concept for many business owners to wrap their mind around, but think about it…

How are you going to defend yourself without knowing the potential threats you face?

Building your security policy around a properly analyzed foundation will protect your company’s data assets today and secures the reputation of your company well into the future.

NCT protects Dallas businesses by building your defense strategy after completely analyzing and assessing your current vulnerabilities and potential risks:

  • Analysis of internal security settings and products to discover issues like aging systems, missing 3rd party patches, and other security loopholes
  • Determining needed steps to improve security, including updating settings, establishing safer computing protocols, and obtaining improved equipment
  • Discover unsafe practices that could lead to data breaches by analyzing computing procedures and business operations
  • External security testing to attempt to break through defenses in the same manner as a cybercriminal, such as penetration testing.
  • Review of all existing security settings and products combined with discovered vulnerabilities to create a full risk assessment report.
  • Compliance testing to ensure new security settings, products, and protocols follow industry regulations you face.

NCT protects your digital assets by conducting a full Vulnerability & Risk Assessment that will discover potential risks before they are exploited.

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