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Are you protecting your entire network from advanced security threats?

Cybercrime is on the rise. With the recent developments of advanced security threats you need much more than anti-virus and malware scanning to stay safe.

Security vulnerabilities start from one weak or infected device and quickly spread through your entire network.

Don’t put your company’s reputation on the wire by assuming you’re not a potential target to cyber-criminals.

NCT is a Security Focused IT Company that protects your company assets with Total Network & Wireless Protection that defends against data breach or compromise:

  • Compare your current security solutions against industry-specific security threats to make sure you’re not leaving data and devices unprotected
  • Hardware and software based firewalls configured correctly to protect you from inbound and outbound threats without slowing your performance
  • 24/7 system and network monitoring to detect issues like virus, intrusion, and other security threats within your network
  • Website filtering to cut off dangerous and time-wasting sites and sources of malware
  • Password management to make using unique and safe passwords simple
  • Regularly patched and updated systems to eliminate security loopholes
  • Employee training programs that teach safe browsing habits and bring awareness on how to recognize email based phishing attempts
  • Mobile and Wireless protection to make sure your most vulnerable devices and connections are safe from attack

NCT will protect your business from cyber-threats with our Total Network Security that proactively defends and monitors every device that connects to your network.

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