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Transition To The Cloud With NCT Net And eClinicalworks

Helping to Improve Healthcare Administration

NCT Net is proud to now offer a new cloud-based EHR to meet the needs of medical professionals called eClinicalWorks. This software offers a wide range of exceptional features for Revenue Cycle Management in the healthcare industry. The software gives any size medical facility the ability to manage every facet of patient care including prescriptions, lab tests, billing, back office, and other important healthcare services.

eClinicalWorks strives to establish sound corporate relationships with medical professionals who need a comprehensive practice management solution. They focus on utilizing innovative technology to make the job of healthcare much easier for patients and doctors. Though the healthcare industry is at its core, a business, eCW never forgets that serving people who need affordable health services is a high calling.

The software covers every aspect of patient care from labs to back office. In addition, the eCW software includes programs to manage the patient’s individual health and fitness. This consists of patient education and other care management services. Each year, eClinicalWorks adds new features to their product lines, such as Kiosk technology. The Kiosk can be placed in the doctor’s waiting room and it allows patients to fill out forms, check-in, scan insurance cards, pay their bill and lots more. This feature alone frees up front office staff while giving patients the convenience they expect in today’s modern world.

Improving Patient Safety

Developers at eCW frequently improve the system by identifying potential safety risks to patients and adding new programs to address those. Patient safety is of their utmost concern. With thousands of users now worldwide, the developers are continually updating the software to minimize patient risk and improve overall services to clients. Each year newly added features make the job of healthcare easier and more reliable for users of eCW.

From ordering tests for a patient to prescribing drugs, even the most complex functions can be completed with eCW’s EHR software. The company recommends upgrading to the latest version of its product as soon as possible so that the most recent patches can take effect. The software is available for both cloud and non-cloud customers.

Reducing HIPAA Violations

Use of the eClinicalWorks software improves patient engagement while reducing the likelihood of errors. It saves time each day for doctors, hospitals, clinics and their patients. In addition, the program helps each healthcare organization to remain compliant with HIPAA and HITECH.

Almost all of today’s hospitals and doctor’s offices deal with third-party vendors on a regular basis. Though their services are often indispensable, working with third-party contractors has proven to be risky in terms of HIPAA compliance. A 2010 survey showed that over 40 percent of all HIPAA violations occurred due to third-party vendors. NCT and eClinicalWorks address these issues, thus ensuring a much higher level of compliance.

Over the years, NCT has developed an extensive menu of policies and procedures designed to prevent violations from occurring. They understand the risks involved and they work to remove them completely. This same commitment to excellence is apparent in the development of eCW’s software.

How Do HIPAA Violations Occur?

All research points to the fact that violations most often occur due to human error. People rarely do this on purpose. Instead, they get busy and do not pay attention to the details. The eCW program has an impressive list of checks and balances to prevent these violations from occurring. The system is being constantly upgraded to the latest standards.

Preventing Cybercrime

By offering the eClinicalWorks software program to its clients, NCT has the ability to perform crucial services such as auditing a company’s daily operations. This serves to ensure that all data is safe from hackers and in turn, protects a company’s reputation and customer data from cyber theft.

NCT can lock down files whenever they suspect unauthorized access to important data. They perform regular file backups, disaster protection, and other valuable services that today’s businesses need. Their innovative EHR technology has proven its value over and over. It improves patient care, reduces errors and it’s affordable for most healthcare organizations. They can also work with clients to fully digitize all records, thus freeing up space in the front office. The advantages are endless.

NCT and eClinicalWorks Are Leading the Way to Better Healthcare

NCT is proud of its many professional relationships with some of the world’s best companies and eClinicalWorks is no exception. As the leading cloud-based EHR, eClinicalWorks provides a complete end-to-end solution that is used by over 130,000 doctors and more than 850,000 medical professionals. This product has won numerous awards and has been widely recognized for its myriad of convenient features.  eClinicalWorks is a privately held company with revenues of over $440 million.

For more information about eClinicalWork and what it will do for your healthcare practice, get in touch with NCT Net at (214) 544-3982 or

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