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Medical MalwareNCT Can Help.

Healthcare organizations like yours depend on medical technology to streamline and improve patient care. This includes using electronic medical devices.

The use of computer-based patient monitoring equipment has expanded and is growing in both inpatient and outpatient healthcare facilities in Dallas/Fort Worth.        

But a huge problem is brewing!

Security measures aren’t keeping up with advances in medical technology.

Did you know?

  • The software used in medical devices and hospital equipment is vulnerable to malware and other computer viruses?
  • The biggest security threat related to malware-infected medical devices is that equipment may fail to function properly during a critical procedure?
  • Malware can render equipment useless, eliminate functionality or even worse can result in inaccurate output?
  • Malware can even spread malicious code from one device to another?

A notice issued by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2013 recommends that:

“Healthcare facilities take steps to assure that appropriate safeguards are in place to reduce the risk of failure due to cyber attacks, which could be initiated by the introduction of malware into the medical equipment or unauthorized access to configuration settings in medical devices and hospital networks.”

Cyber security vulnerabilities and incidents can directly impact medical devices in your healthcare organization.

What should you do?

Contact NCT.  We Specialize In Healthcare IT and Can Help.

NCT will evaluate your network security and protect your medical devices from security threats. When evaluating your technology we’ll do the following:

  • Restrict unauthorized access to your network and all medical devices.
  • Install antivirus software and firewall updates to protect your entire network.
  • Monitor network activity 24/7 for unauthorized use.
  • Protect individual network components through routine evaluations.
  • Contact the device manufacturer if we think you may have a cyber security problem related to a medical device.
  • Develop and evaluate strategies to maintain functionality during adverse conditions.

Do you have proper security measures in place to protect your medical devices?  

To learn more about preventing malware infections on your network and medical devices, give us a call at (214) 544-3982 or send us an email at NCT can help you implement appropriate safeguards to reduce the risk of malware infections. 

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