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Technology has changed the way legal service organizations in Dallas/Fort Worth function today. They can now use technology to quickly and efficiently obtain and share legal information to boost their overall productivity— And so can you.

But with potential data breaches, application malfunctions, and IT downtimes, you may be concerned about risks to your clients’ confidential data.

NCT’s Legal Support Team Can Help.

Our Legal Support Team provides technology assistance to ensure your:

  • IT systems stay up and running,
  • Mobile devices remain secure,
  • Practice management and billing solutions function optimally, and
  • Your staff can confidently use cloud computing without revealing your clients’ private information.

They specialize in IT support and provide:     

  • 24/7 Live Help Desk support.
  • A single source for all your IT questions or issues.
  • Help over the telephone, via email, or online through our Web portal.
  • Expertise in Legal IT-related problems both remotely and onsite.
  • Follow up to ensure that your questions or issues are completely resolved.

They have extensive experience in:

  • Systems Analysis,
  • Mobile Device Management,
  • Practice Management
  • Billing Applications,
  • Security Solutions, and
  • User Support.

Plus the have hands-on-experience providing support for legal applications like:

  • Timematters
  • Timeslips
  • ProDocs

Our Legal IT Support Team has an in-depth understanding of law technology and an unprecedented ability to resolve end-user issues that other IT Support Teams can’t provide. For more information about NCT’s Legal Support Team, or for a complimentary Legal IT Assessment, call (214) 544-3982 or email us at:

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