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Attorneys in Dallas/Fort Worth are now relying on cloud computing for the many benefits it provides. If you are worried about maintaining your client confidentialities and data security when using the Cloud, NCT can help.

Our hybrid and private cloud platforms ensure you have the protection and security you need. This is different from the public cloud, and incorporates levels of protection such as firewalls, anti-virus and anti-spam filters, and even mobile device management so you can rely on your cloud solution when you’re out of the office.  NCT can help you realize the many benefits cloud computing provides.

Low Cost

Cloud computing services can be obtained at a low cost through NCT. Legal service organizations typically find that it’s less expensive to obtain these services from us than to run and maintain applications on their own server.


NCT includes maintenance in our offering. As an attorney, your workday is too busy to worry about updates and service. NCT will automatically install all updates for you, and can monitor and maintain your network via the Cloud.


Cloud computing services from NCT are accessible from any computer, regardless of your location. When you need to work long hours outside the office, you can access a variety of IT resources securely wherever you have an Internet connection. You and your authorized staff can even edit documents in real time.  NCT will ensure that only authorized individuals can access your files and resources.

Cost Savings

Cloud computing offers significant cost savings because you don’t have to pay for your own equipment and in-house expertise. It can also save you money on electric bills because you are using less power. And It can save you money on expensive office space since you’ll no longer need to house bulky equipment.


Cloud computing services can be obtained on demand. When you purchase cloud services through NCT, you can add storage, computing capability, or new features on a cost-per-user basis.  You can scale up or down, as your IT needs increase or decrease.


Our staff is trained and experienced in the implementation of sophisticated cloud computing security measures.  We can also monitor and maintain your network via the cloud to ensure only authorized users can access your files and resources.

You can benefit immensely from the cloud computing services NCT provides.  We are a Microsoft Partner and can migrate your data to Office 365 and set you up on other cloud solutions that will save you money, time and IT headaches.

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