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Are you protecting your current and prospective client’s data from cyber criminals who search for companies with unprotected systems?

To grow your business you need to do more than provide professional service. The Dallas real estate market is trending up, but you need an advantage to stand out in a very competitive industry.

Agents, Brokers, and Agencies who align technology with their business goals simplify operations so they can get more done every day.

When implementing technology solutions that simplify your operations, you need a company who places equal importance to both security and usability.

Cybercriminals are actively looking for easier industries to target due to increased enforcement of regulations within the healthcare and financial sectors.

If you have existing vulnerabilities within your current infrastructure you’re putting your client’s private data at risk. NCT is a security-focused IT Solution Provider that will safeguard your data assets so you don’t risk a breach that creates an irreparable mark on your hard earned business reputation.

NCT will protect your sensitive client data using technologies enforced by regulatory agencies in other industries to make sure your company is one step ahead of policy-makers and competitors:

  • Establish a data retention policy that sets company procedure for storing and deleting data so you can know where all of your data is and why you’re retaining that data
  • Protect your data assets before potential industry regulation to demonstrate your desire to keep your client’s information safe before government intervention – showcases your corporate social responsibility
  • Securely host your databases and business services in the cloud so you can access your important files and emails from anywhere
  • Lock down your networks against intrusion and malware with properly configured firewalls and anti-virus protection
  • On-site and cloud-based backup and restore options so you can easily re-store accessibility after any natural or cyber disaster that interrupts your service
  • Get support for the software you use every day, like Quickbooks, Sage Accounting, WinREO, RealtyJuggler, AgentOffice, and more

Put the power of technology to work for your Real Estate Business to further your competitive advantage. NCT is your Total Technology Partner who alleviates IT Stress enabling you to focus on your business.

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