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Are you protecting your current and prospective tenant’s sensitive data from cyber criminals who search for vulnerable companies?

Professional service means more than just finding the balance between your tenants and property owner’s interests. Your company has a responsibility to stay on top of security standards to protect the personal and financial tenant data that your company keeps on record.

Cyber-crime is on the rise and regulatory agencies are being formed quickly in other industries that maintain records containing identity and other sensitive information.

NCT will help you stay ahead of potential regulations by implementing an IT strategy that improves productivity and protects your entire network. Our Total Technology Experience will help establish you as the leading Property Management Company in Dallas:

  • Simplify your data storage procedures to establish easily accessible tenant and owner records
  • Maintain the confidentiality of your tenants’ private data in a fully-encrypted cloud database that has rigorous user authentication to avoid data breaches
  • Backup all your important records and databases to the cloud, keeping them safe from disasters that could damage on-site equipment
  • Stay ahead of potential industry regulations that would set policy on data storage and accessibility – put safety measures in place before regulation to demonstrate your corporate responsibility
  • Enable your staff to work remotely by allowing employees safe access to company data from any internet connected device
  • Lock down your networks against intrusion and malware with properly configured firewalls and anti-virus protection
  • Ensure your email and other vital services are running 24/7 in the cloud for safe and secure access from anywhere
  • Get support for the software you use every day, like Quickbooks, Sage Accounting, ManagerPlus, PropertyWare, Yardi Voyager, and more

Put the power of technology to work for your Property Management Company to further your competitive advantage. NCT is your Total Technology Partner who alleviates IT Stress enabling you to focus on your business.

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