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NCT is known for our legal IT expertise in the Dallas area. We understand and have experience with the software applications law firms use, and we provide reliable and cost-effective IT services and solutions they can rely on. For this reason, many of them choose NCT and our team of Legal Technical Experts to provide the technology support they need.

Defense Is Their Number One Priority

The main IT concern our legal clients have is with their backup and antivirus capabilities. Without data that’s continually accessible and secure, a practice would literally shut down. For example: Before a new client hired us, they thought their data was being backed up, when in reality it wasn’t.  Unfortunately, a virus compromised their data, and when they tried to retrieve files from their onsite backup, they weren’t there.  This cost them in time, money and credibility with their clients—Things that no legal practice can afford.  Since then we’ve installed a complete backup and recovery solution and up-to-date managed antivirus and firewall. We can now monitor their system remotely to ensure backups are taking place and that their data is always secure and retrievable. NCT proactively monitors a practice’s IT system to ensure maximum uptime and to quickly respond to any issues that arise.  This allows managing partners, their associates and employees to focus on their law practice and not on IT. In addition to their expertise in System Analytics and Support, our team of Legal Technical Experts are trained and experienced in many of the technology solutions law firms rely on, such as:

  • Time Slips,
  • Time Matters,
  • ProDocs,
  • Word Perfect,
  • Practice Management Software, and
  • Mobile Device Management.

Don Jennings, President of NCT explains: “Law firms in and around Dallas have special needs when it comes to IT.  Until NCT, they couldn’t find a team who could provide them the expert legal IT advice and support they needed. When they do find us, they stay with us, because they know we can meet their unique IT requirements. Plus, many have referred us to their colleagues because they’re so pleased with our services.”  To learn more about NCT and how our team of Legal Technical Experts can help your firm defend your IT, call us at (214) 544-3982 or send us an email at

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