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Healthcare technology is its own special type of challenge. Are you sure you’re getting the best advice from your IT provider?

Regardless of what your practice or clinic specializes in, there is one thing every healthcare entity has in common – technology challenges. Even the most basic IT environment needs constant monitoring and maintenance to stay running smoothly, and as cyber threats become more of a concern the need for better cyber security measures increases. Taking care of your technology often means outsourcing that care to an IT provider, but too often healthcare practices find themselves relying on a provider that doesn’t fully understand what you really need from them.

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The demands of HIPAA and HITECH compliance alone are enough to make technology a major headache for a practice that lacks the support of knowledgeable and experienced IT professionals, but concerns over security and compliance aren’t the only reason to be choosy about who you’re entrusting your technology to. Disruptions and downtime are a nightmare for any type of business, but disruptions and downtime in a healthcare setting aren’t just an inconvenience – they’re potentially dangerous.

When most or all of your critical patient data exists in a digital format, losing access to that data can leave you unable to treat patients effectively, or at all. Keeping that information not just secure but easily accessible to the members of your team that need that access to care for your patients should be a top priority for your IT provider. Making sure that your various systems, programs, and applications work together seamlessly and don’t create productivity issues is incredibly important as well. When your technology becomes a hindrance to completing tasks, your team will find a way to work around them – often in defiance of security best practices.

The need to keep your technology not just functioning, but functioning the way you need it to is why having an IT support provider that understands healthcare is so crucial. The types of solutions that boost productivity, improve workflow, and streamline an IT environment for a retail setting can create a ton of security issues in a clinic that needs to prioritize confidentiality. Since you still need all of those benefits out of your technology, you need to find a provider that can do all of that without compromising your HIPAA compliance status.

Maintaining HIPAA compliance is a major concern for healthcare providers, not only because the penalties and fines that come with HIPAA violations can be crippling, but because compliance itself is so complex. This is where specialized IT consulting comes into play. Safeguarding ePHI is a huge responsibility and is often an overwhelming undertaking. Even with all of the literature available through the HHS website and other online resources, figuring out what changes need to be made to your policies and procedures and making sure that not a single aspect of HIPAA compliance has been overlooked is a lot of work. While it is possible to handle all of that responsibility in-house, it can’t offer your practice the peace of mind HIPAA IT consulting curtsey of healthcare technology professionals can give you.

With healthcare technology changing all the time, keeping current while still keeping compliant is a very tall order without the right support guiding your decisions. In much the same way you would never want a patient to make changes to their treatment plan based on something they read online without first bringing it up with you, a good IT provider would never let a client introduce new technology into the mix that could create problems for your compliance status. By working with a healthcare IT consultant, you can make full use of the latest technology without jeopardizing the IT health of your practice.

The NCT team always has your best interests in mind when it comes to handling any aspect of your IT infrastructure. Approaching your technology as anything but integral to your day-to-day operations not only makes things more difficult for your staff but makes managing the aspects of your practice technology can have an impact on that much harder. Keeping things cohesive and actively working to give your practice the best possible IT environment is a huge part of the reason we offer healthcare IT consulting.

We know how high the stakes are for you practice where security and compliance are concerned. HIPAA breaches are happening all the time, often with devastating consequences. Positioning your practice to avoid these issues is much simpler task than trying to rebuild your reputation after the worst has already happened. We provide healthcare IT consulting services to area practices and clinics in the hopes that our guidance and advice helps keep your organization safe and secure. Your top priority is the well-being of your patients, and our top priority is the well-being of your practice.

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