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Are you missing potential client inquiries because you’re scared of email-based phishing attacks?

Email is scary these days. Did you know email phishing attacks are the leading cause of malware infection?

Not only that, what creates more start-of-the-day delays than an inbox that’s constantly loaded down with spam?

Locally hosted email solutions put you at risk because your security is only as good as your last update.

Cloud-based email solutions are protecting inboxes throughout Dallas because they block infected emails and get rid of spam before the messages load on to your computers, phones, and tablets.

NCT is your cloud solution partner. Let us migrate your email to safe and secure cloud-hosted solutions that save you time and reduce your risk of infection:

  • Host your email servers in the cloud to stop malware and spam from loading onto your device before you even open it
  • Protect against emerging security threats with cloud-hosted servers that are updated in real-time to instantly defend against discovered vulnerabilities
  • Active email scanning and filtering that quarantines email threats and spam before they hit your inbox
  • Smart email labels that automatically modify filtering policies to reduce the number of emails miscategorised by over-sensitive filters
  • 24/7 system monitoring to detect and resolve issues like viruses and intrusion
  • Employee training programs that show your staff how to recognize email phishing attempts so they don’t make a mistake that can compromise your security

NCT will protect your business from cyber-threats with our Cloud-Based Email Protection Solutions that proactively monitor and defend your inbox.

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