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In one of our recent articles; “Need A Better EHR Solution?” we discussed in length, transitioning from your outdated electronic health record (EHR) system over to the Cloud, with our recommendation to use the more advanced software package we offer, for Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) of any size medical facility, known as eClinicalWorks – (eCW).

Today, our discussion will focus on finding eClinicalWorks Support in Dallas, Texas. Not just because NCT Net’s location is in that area, but more so as an example in your search. If your practice or organization is in another area of the country, we invite you to continue reading and know what to look for, in a qualified eCW support team in your area, and by all means, contact us if what you find will not suit your needs and you need our assistance.

Improving Your eClinicalWorks Experience

eClinicalWorks has a three-word slogan under their logo – “Improving Healthcare Together.” Going with that theme, and with your help, our motto for this article will be: Improving Your eClinicalWorks Experience.

Have You Asked These Questions Before?

“Who out there knows my software and my industry?” A question like this quite often comes from a professional asking about industry-specific software and troubleshooting problems with that program. To improve ones’ experience with any software, in a specific industry, we want to look at the support system ahead of time, in the event you do run into a problem.

Here’s a test for you. When you’ve searched online and found what might be a good IT company in Dallas which of the following questions came to mind?

  • What do they know?
  • Do they know the medical industry?
  • Have they heard of eClinicalWorks?
  • Do they have experience with this software?
  • Do they work with practices or only hospitals?
  • What’s this going to cost me?

How’d you do? We’re sure at least one of these questions crossed your mind. But before it comes to this, here’s what you will know and look for before needing eCW Support in Dallas.

First Area of Support – Looking For a Qualified IT eClinicalWorks Specialist Firm

Before a software problem arises, there are three level types of support you will want to know when inquiring about the IT Specialist knowledge and background with eClinicalWorks.

Do they provide support for:

  1. EHR for Practices – Support built only around small-midsize medical practices
  2. EHR for Hospitals – Support constructed just around Hospitals and large organizations
  3. Both – Support built around small-midsize medical practices, Hospitals, and large organizations

The reason this is crucial to check for, some IT firms may work primarily with small-midsize medical practices and stay away from Hospitals. Others it might be the reverse. Then there are those highly qualified eClinicalWorks IT Specialist firms, like NCT Net with vast knowledge and years of experience assisting small Healthcare practices all the way up to large Organizations.

Second Area of Support – Vulnerability and Assessments

These two are big ones and can ruin your eClinicalWorks experience if an audit issued, and it showed your system had weaknesses. Best part, you’re not there, and we have a few discovery questions you can pose to the IT firm when reviewing their company in this support area.

  1. How do you determine what improvements we need for our security?
  2. What are the steps you take to eliminate security loopholes?
  3. My employees use cell phones at work. Does that affect my security?
  4. Is it true I’m responsible if any of my vendors are not HIPAA compliant?
  5. I’ve heard of inbound and outbound threats, but doesn’t my firewall protect me from that?
  6. Is there a way to block websites my staff shouldn’t be looking at when at work?
  7. Do you provide training classes for our staff or will you recommend a source?

If you can, do take notes of the representative’s explanations and examples. You are looking for a person with real, hands-on experience. Their answers will reflect their level of expertise.

Third Area of Support – HIPAA, HIT and Data Security IT Consulting

Even with the best software for the healthcare industry like eClinicalWorks, you know looming over your practice, hospital or organization there will always be the governing rules and laws set down to protect you, your staff, your patients and your facility.

The continuous passage of new laws protecting patient’s rights, information, and their privacy is a constant reminder of the weight and responsibility you carry upon your shoulders. It could be troubling if you were audited and learned you had numerous HIPAA violations and were staring at stiff fines.

But as mentioned above, you’re not there, and you take compliance very seriously. So, when you meet with the eClinicalWorks IT Consultant in Dallas or your part of the country, this is the meeting you will want to clear your schedule. There may be new legislation coming you are not aware of yet. A reputable consultant will be current and up to date on future compliances pending.

We do hope this article has given you some fresh and new insight into support and what to look for before you need to call for assistance.

For more information about eClinicalWorks Support in Dallas, Texas and what it will do for your healthcare practice, get in touch with NCT Net at (214) 544-3982 or

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