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Would you like to quickly become the technology innovator within your industry?

Technology decisions can make or break a company. IT Innovators know when they have created a solution that provides tremendous value to our companies and price their solutions accordingly.

You need the security of knowing that the technology you are considering is going to improve your business’s operations and positively affect the bottom line, or what’s the point?

NCT is a specialized IT Company that focuses on your industry. Our industry-focused approach allows us to:

  • Combine our industry experience to be able to offer the most cost-effective technology solutions that are worth investing in
  • Predict upcoming regulatory changes by staying on top of what we see nation-wide so we can implement security measures before they are required in Dallas
  • Offer fixed-price monthly support solutions that enable you to stay within your IT budget every month since you know exactly what your bill’s going to be before you get it

When you’re hiring an in-house salaried employee, would you hire someone without industry experience before a seasoned professional who brings expertise and past knowledge to the table? Not a chance.

Picking your Dallas IT Support Company is no different. NCT will become your IT partner and bring with us years of expertise within your industry:


  • Put policies and procedure in place to make sure your in compliance 24/7 with HIPAA & HITECH regulations
  • Protect your patients sensitive data records with our Total Network Protection that keeps you safe from hackers who scan for unprotected networks to compromise
  • Securely mobilize your operations so you can access your important applications from any room in the office or even on the go

Real Estate

  • Align technology with your business goals to simplify operations within your Agency or Brokerage
  • Secure your entire network and mobile devices to make sure your clients data and valuable business information stays out of the hands of hackers
  • Get 24/7 support for the software you use every day, such as Quickbooks, AgentOffice, RealtyJuggler, and more

Property Management

  • Stay ahead of potential industry regulation by securing your entire network with our Total Technology Experience that protects every device and connection
  • Simplify your data storage procedures to establish easily accessible records that can be securely opened on any device or location
  • Get 24/7 support for the software you use every day, such as Quickbooks, ManagerPlus, PropertyWare, and more

Further your competitive advantage by putting the power of technology to work for your company. NCT is your Total Technology Partner who alleviates IT Stress enabling you to focus on your business.

Contact us at (214) 544-3982 or to talk with our certified technology professionals.

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