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As a Property Manager in Dallas/Fort Worth you must quickly and efficiently provide services to your clients. With today’s technology this can be achieved more quickly and productively than ever before.

However, as a representative for your clients, you must keep their confidential data safe and secure, and provide what they need in a moment’s notice. Technology downtimes and security threats just aren’t an option, and can present a real obstacle to fulfilling your obligations. You don’t have time to waste, or your credibility to risk. You need an expert to ensure your technology is always up and running and secure.  You need Network Computing Technologies.  

NCT has a long history supporting technology needs for Property Management and Real Estate firms in Dallas/Fort Worth. We don’t just deal with IT issues, our goal is to prevent them from happening in the first place.

How We Can Help

We’ll work closely with you during the first few weeks of the onboarding process to get your network on stable footing.  And with ongoing service and support from NCT you can boost your productivity and operating efficiencies with well-managed, cost-effective technology solutions.  Plus, we’ll ensure the systems you already have in place are well positioned to meet your needs.  If they aren’t, we’ll recommend cost-effective alternatives for you.

Specialized Support

Unlike other IT companies in Dallas/Fort Worth NCT:

  • Has experience with the software you use (such as OneSite, QuickBooks, and many of the applications used in the property management industry).
  • Has relationships with these software vendors to readily provide you services and support.
  • Provides secure and reliable access to data between multiple sites.
  • Provides support for properties nationwide.
  • Is available for you to call for issues relating to your line-of-business applications.
  • Will work closely with your key vendors to support upgrades and other planned maintenance.
  • Supports 3rd-party software.  We’ll act as a liaison for you with their support teams to resolve issues, and help you get the best out of your software.

Legal Regulations

We can help you implement a retention policy for your technology and records so you comply with legal regulations. This will ensure your emails and important documents are never deleted or misplaced, and provide you with advanced-search features so you can retrieve them as needed.

Mobile Solutions

As Cloud Specialists, we’re dedicated to ensuring that you can work effectively on all your computing devices, wherever you are. We’ll ensure that you can securely access your data when you’re on to go, when traveling, or from your home, just as easily as you can in the office.

NCT in Dallas/Fort Worth is your trusted IT Advisor for property management technologies.  We’ll take care of your IT so you can spend your valuable time assisting your clients.

For a free, no-obligation IT assessment of your property management technology needs, call Network Computing Technologies at (214) 544-3982 or email us   

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