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Does your current backup solution protect you from both natural and cyber disasters?

To make sure our companies can maintain operations through any disaster it’s critical to have a multi-layered backup solution. Relying on just local backup solutions will prolong the time it takes you to restore services in the time of a disaster.

Dallas was ranked as the Highest Risk City for Natural Disasters by an analysis published in New York Times called “Sperlings Best Places,” which analyzed 379 American metro areas.

Natural disasters can have crippling effects to businesses all around Dallas, and you also have to be wary of man-made cybercrime threats like viruses and hacking attacks. If you’re not hosting your backups in the cloud, you risk losing valuable data if your physical location is damaged during a storm, or if someone infects your network with a virus encrypting all your files.

NCT will develop your Backup Plan to include on-site and cloud backup solutions that work in tandem. This ensures you will be able to restore service quickly after any natural or cyber disaster:

  • Back up ALL your IT: your files, your applications, your user settings – everything you use every day
  • Instantly restore critical machines with virtual copies of your systems – allowing you to pick up right where you left off
  • Keep your backups both in your office and in the cloud – onsite backups for fast recovery from data errors, and offsite backups that keep you protected from anything that could damage onsite equipment
  • Make a plan focused on RECOVERY in the face of disaster – so everyone in your business knows how to use your IT to keep working even if you can’t get into the office
  • Test all your backups every time they’re created, so you KNOW you can count on them to do their job when a real disaster happens

Don’t let a disaster surprise you. NCT will protect your business from natural or cyber disasters by developing your Custom Disaster Response & Recovery Plan.

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