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Can your company ensure essential business services are accessible through any disaster?

To maintain operations through any possible disaster we must plan for situations we hope never happen. Do you know what essential products and services you need to keep running through any natural or cyber disaster?

Disaster Planning will put policies and procedures in place to enable your company to maintain operations through any storm.

As a business owner you want to focus on growing your company instead of thinking about situations that could disrupt your business. NCT is your business continuity partner who researches your market, business, and location then customizes a Disaster Response & Recovery Plan that will:

  • Prepare disaster response procedures to make sure employees know what actions to take during a storm to minimize the damage to your business.
  • Protect your company with security policies that ensure you don’t compromise your security by launching your network without following pre-established security protocols.
  • Backup your important data to the cloud so you can access your machines and files even if your physical office has been damaged.

NCT can’t control natural or cyber disasters but we can reduce the damage caused by proactively developing your Disaster Response & Recovery Plan:

Cloud-Based Backup Solutions

  • Hybrid backup solutions that create copies of your files, settings, applications, and entire systems in both the cloud and on locally-hosted drives to make sure you never lose a file
  • Recover from any situation by knowing how to easily restore your systems or files with the click of a button
  • Test your backups every time they are created so you know they will work when a real disaster happens

Business Continuity Planning

  • Prepare your Disaster Response & Recovery Plan to make sure your staff knows the steps to take during and after any natural or cyber disaster
  • Put procedures in place to reduce employee stress and minimize human-errors which only create additional problems that could have been avoided
  • Run “Fire Drill” style mock recoveries to demonstrate proper reactions and responses during a time of crisis to discover potential weaknesses in your business continuity plan

Don’t let a disaster surprise you. NCT will protect your business from natural or cyber disasters by developing your Custom Disaster Response & Recovery Plan.

Contact us at (214) 544-3982 or for a no-obligation review of your business continuity and disaster recovery procedures.

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